Communication Systems

  • Antenna, Radio Propagation and Channel Modeling
  • Communication and Information Theory
  • Wideband and Massive MIMO
  • IoT Network
  • Wireless Systems for 5G and Next Generation WLAN
  • Visible Light Communication
  • Intelligent Communication Systems and Software Defined Networks
  • Resource Allocation
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting
  • mmWave Communications
  • Other

Multimedia and Systems
  • Audio/Speech Processing and Coding
  • Image/Video Processing and Coding
  • Video and Multimedia Technology and Communications
  • Multimedia Processing for e-Learning, IoT and AI Applications
  • Multimedia Communications
  • Big Data Mining
  • Internet of Things
  • Deep Learning
  • Others

Signal Processing
  • Cloud Computing, Deep Learning, Big Data
  • Digital Filters and Filter Banks
  • Wavelets and Multi-rate Signal Processing
  • Adaptive, Non-linear and Multidimensional Signal Processing
  • Fast Computations for Signal Processing and Communication Systems
  • Intelligent Signal Processing for Communications and Systems
  • Forensic and Security Signal Processing
  • Optical Signal Processing
  • Medical Signal Processing
  • Signal Processing for e-Learning
  • Radar, Antennas Signal Processing
  • Adaptive and Array Signal Processing
  • Others

  • Analog and Digital ICs for Communications
  • Low Power Design and VLSI Physical Synthesis
  • Modeling, Simulation and CAD Tools
  • VLSI Architecture for Signal Processing
  • VLSI Architecture for Intelligent Systems
  • Application-specific Digital Signal Processors
  • Reconfigurable and Adaptive Architectures
  • Approximate and Inexact Computing
  • Heterogeneous and Multi-processor System-on-chip
  • Graphic, Video, and Multimedia DSPs
  • Others

Circuits and Systems
  • Circuits and Systems for IoT and AI Systems
  • Analog and Mixed Signal Processing
  • Numerical Methods and Circuit Simulation
  • Circuits and Systems for Communications
  • Circuits and Systems for IoT
  • Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Fuzzy Logic Processing
  • Sensors and Devices
  • Intelligent Instrumentations
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Machine Learning and Neuromorphic Circuits
  • Energy Harvesting Circuits
  • Hardware and Cross-layer Security
  • Smart Devices and Wearable Electronics
  • Other

Emerging Technologies in Signal Processing and Communication